The Legacy and Milestones of Nikon FM2

The Legacy and Milestones of Nikon FM2

1). Pure mechanical camera

  • After all fancy electronically controlled camera fail or out of battery, Nikon FM2 will continue operate as long as there is film

2). The toughest and the most rugged camera:

  • Metal body: the surface hardness can support 40 lb pressure per square millimeter without deformation
  • Claimed able to endure the toughest operation and environment
  • Can operate from -40C to 50C
  • Quote from journalists: “As long as you don’t smash it to the ground and break it into half, you will never need to send it to repair shop”

3). A legend and Milestone in photography history

  • 1st camera incorporated shutter speed 1/4000 sec
  • The last stop in the history of mechanical camera development: no more development of mechanical camera after Nikon FM2. The later model Nikon FM3 incorporated more electronic function on top of FM2, still no more mechanical improvement.

4). Unprecedented market success

  • Best seller, with one of the longest selling history (1983 – 2001)
  • Long lasting market demand in the midest of various fancy evolving automatic electronic cameras
  • Popular among journalist, military personnel, researcher in expedition, student, and professional

5). Professional grade functionality

  • Depth-of-field preview
  • Multiple exposure
  • Iso:12 – 6400
  • 3 interchangeable viewfinder screens
  • 1/250 sec flash synch speed
  • 1/4000 sec shutter speed

I bought my Nikon FM2 back in 1995, from Adorama in New York at price $515 before tax.

Nikon FM2 85mm1.4 front

Nikon FM2 85mm1

Nikon FM2 front

D lens


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